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Baby safety is my number one priority!

Photographing babies is truly what I love to do and I want to make sure I always do it in the safest way possible! Baby Steps is over 4  years old now and in those years I have spent countless hours  learning, practicing, and much more to make that final work of art while maintaining baby's safety at all times. 

 I have and will continue to expanded my education and techniques via in-person workshops, online training, and hours upon hours of practice behind the camera as well as in front of the computer editing the images after. 


There are many precautions I take to stay healthy as well as keep my studio germ free. I am fully vaccinated to include my covid-19 vaccine. From washing my hands regularly not only in my everyday life but before and during your session, to rescheduling sessions if anyone involved is sick, I do . If you are booking a newborn session with me you will be my only client that day. So not only will you have my full attention but foot traffic in and out of the studio is limited as well.

All items, surfaces, props, fabrics etc. are cleaned with proper antibacterial cleaner after each and every use. 

The studio is setup with everything we will need for our time together and is disinfected in between each session. I have a stocked client wardrobe for your little ones ranging in sizes from newborn to 18months. All props and accessories are on hand and disinfected after every use. I also keep on hand personal items that mothers might need after having a little ones.❤

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