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Hello, I 'm a Baby Whisperer!

My name is Marissa and I am the photographer behind the lens at Baby Steps Photography!


I specialize in newborn and baby photography during little ones first year. My photography studio is dedicated to all things baby and located in Bronson, Florida. I absolutely love what I do and can't imagine a world that doesn't have me snuggling babies. Capturing all the details and turning them into works of art you can cherish forever.

Want to know more about me? Take a look at my story!


A picture tells 1,000 words... 
Let me tell your story.


The years fly by....

Our memories fade. All the little details start to get blurry. You never know when the last time you pick you child up will be. So many things we want to remember and cherish. Don't miss out on capturing the things you want to last forever.

~The love notes...



Hands down, "The Baby Whisperer"! From our newborn photos to our 6 months photos- They're absolutely perfect! Thank you for going above and beyond in backgrounds, poses, and PATIENCE! 



You’ve been taking pictures of Kendall for almost 5 years! I think you were just starting out when I came across your page. Our 1st session was the bunny minis, then wildflowers, then 4th of July, beach session, glitter session, Halloween, 1st birthday. (We saw each other A LOT that 1st year ) Every session is beautiful. You have so much patience with my wild child and newborns.

I will always recommend you to my friends and co-workers! I not only cherish you as a photographer but as a friend too 



Literally every single time I get a gallery back from Marissa I am happier than ever with how our photos turn out! Over a dozen shoots with her and they never disappoint.

Plus, no studio has better props 



Marisa is absolutely amazing when it comes to babies and toddlers!! Very patient!! Its such a pleasant experience!! I would recommend 100 times more if I could!

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