Hello! I 'm a Baby Whisperer...

Luxury Newborn and Milestone Photography

My name is Marissa and I am the photographer behind the lens at Baby Steps Photography!


I specialize in newborn photography and baby photography for the first year. My dedicated baby photography studio is located in Bronson, Florida. Baby Steps serves so many local areas such as Gainesville, Ocala, Chiefland, Williston and many more local areas. Babies are what make my heart sing and I couldn't imagine my life without them.

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     Every image I create has gone through my extensive hand editing process to bring out their true beauty.

My sessions are all tailored towards each client's wants and likes to be sure that we capture what matters most to you. 

I do my best to showcase props that are in the studio so if you see something you fall in love with, chances are it's in the studio. Take a look!

Safety and Training

Safety is always number one on my mind during all of my sessions!

From newborns to sitters, I take great care to ensure baby is safe at all times. 




I have found that what matters most is different for everyone. That's why I have several options to choose from for your photography needs.

Let's capture what makes your heart swoon with the details that matter most to you.

~Whether it's your little one's first close up or celebrating their first birthday, you can be sure the I put my whole heart, soul, and a little bit of OCD into ever image.🖤


 I can't begin to  describe what an HONOR it is to have this badge on my site. Thank you to everyone at Expertise for all that you do! 


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