My name is Marissa and I am the photographer behind Baby Steps Photography! First off let me just say I dread talking about myself, haha. I feel so awkward just thinking about writing this. I mean what do you even put in a bio? Here is my attempt to shed some light on... well, me! 
You will often find me at my desk editing away or going on adventures with my husband and our 5 year old son.  My downtime consists of.... well I'm a mom, there isn't much of that haha but if by chance I do, I let out my inner nerd for some gaming time.

Soooo.... I'm a morning person. There, I said it.... don't look at me like that. It looks similar to the one I get when I try to wake my husband before his alarm goes off.  I am absolutely the person that will run out to the store and bring back donuts and coffee with a smile before you are ready to deal with people yet. I get so much done in the morning before my boys rise for the day. This just means that I will have your session ready to go no matter what time we plan for. ;)


My love for baby photography has grown ten fold since having my own little one. Our son, Isaac, is now 5 and oh so proud of it but I will always miss those first few weeks. Was I a sleep deprived mom-zombie... yes, BUT I look back at all the moments of holding my little one the smallest he would ever be and miss it so much. It's in those moments that I knew I wanted to focus on all things baby. 

I spent most of my life in the Gainesville area with some time spent up near Jacksonville and in GA as a kid. While FL humidity drives me and my hair insane, I couldn't imagine not being near my family.  Living in Bronson has been a nice change of pace compared to the city living I have experienced in the past.  I'm not even gonna lie though,  I do miss late night store options, fast internet and delivery lol. Late night cravings during pregnancy  with my son became a challenge of trying to  talking hubby into being hungry too, haha!


Family, the only ones that are allowed to drive you crazy and still take up room in your heart. I am all in on family. I believe it takes a village in this life and my village is my everything. My mom is legit my best friend. She raised me to be strong woman and I'm so grateful to have such an example in my life.  I am the oldest of us 3 siblings and the only girl. My oldest little brother is now taller than me now having turned 18 and proud of it. But for me, I still remember holding him on the day he was born when I was only 13 years old. We have long since bonded over many hours of video games. My youngest brother is going to be a teenager soon! When he was quite little still we discovered two things. The first being that he is on the autism spectrum and second, he absolutely LOVES music. I absolutely love watching him light up over hearing his favorite singers on a new to him used vinyl and while learning to play new instruments that he often teaches himself from YouTube videos. I am in awe of his courage to try new things with such charisma and confidence. 

On to the babies! Cause lets face it if you are reading my bio then you more than likely have a little baby of your own or have one on the way. I mean who doesn't love babies?? The pure joy and love that such a tiny package can hold and bring out in us. My husband and I will never forget the day our son came into our lives.  Being a parent has been the most intense, rewarding job I have ever and will ever have. My son teaches me on a daily basis just as much as I teach him. He reminds me to stop and appreciate the little things, even though it might be hard to do sometimes with the stress life can bring. Balancing work and family can be a huge challenge and there are days I feel like I have failed at both but I will never stop trying.

So that's me in the proverbial nut shell! That didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would. I can't wait to meet you! ❤