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Baby + Parents

Baby + Parents is one of my package options for newborns and a lot of parents are curious to know how a final gallery will look so I plan to make a blog showcasing each package to give you a little more insight in what to expect. This little angel and her parents came in for her newborn close up and while she wasn't feeling any of my sleepy vibes she still gave us amazing shots that will be perfect for this one.🙌

With all of my newborn session you get access to ALL of my adorable props that are sized perfectly for newborns. Many of them can also be used at milestone sessions later on to show side by side growth comparisons that every parent loves! Every session package comes with at least 1 prop shot so if you ever see one you just have to have your little bundle in just let me know. 😉

I LOVE capturing the connection between parents and the newborns. I want that connection and love to be in every image we capture. I offer my clients the options of baby to be swaddled, in an outfit, or naked for parent posing. Images are available in black and white as well as color. Each baby + parents session comes with individual shots of each parent and a shot together as a family. You can even pick the poses if you have a favorite!

If you have ever seen a post or hear me talking about backdrops for newborns I usually am referring to fabric drops such as these. I have a huge selection of drops ranging in different colors, florals, moon and stars, galaxy and more to be used at sessions. These can also be used for milestone sessions later!

Mommy and daddy filled out my questionnaire that I send to all clients to help me custom tailor the session to your likes and wants. I want your final gallery to be full of all the things that are important to you. There are places to request specific props, colors, and special requests that range from themes parents love to parents jobs or nursery styles.

You would never know looking at all these sleepy shots but she made all of us work for these gorgeous shots.😂 Absolutely worth every second of effort and I am honored to have parents trust me with these fleeting moments. All of the images in this blog are mommy and daddy's final selections from their proofing gallery and I love their choices!


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