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5 Baby Products I Love As A Baby Photographer and Mother

baby Photographer

There are so many products out there for little ones these days. Tons of reviews, recommendations, and new gadgets. Makes it kinda tough to know which ones are really worth your time and truly beneficial to your life now that a little one is in it. I have had hundreds of little ones in my studio and in my life. These 5 products have been a huge hit with so many of them!

~1. The Baby Shusher (Baby photographer must have!)

This little guy has become my best friend in the studio. Most little ones appreciate a background noise so when I finally get them settled and posed, the sound of my light and camera don't startle them awake. My own boys absolutely loved it as well when they were younger! I have had one of these in my studio at all times for several years now and have no intention of changing that. It's been known to even lure sleep deprived parents into catching a few zzz's in the studio.

baby shusher

~2. The Nasal Aspirator

This one comes from me more as a mother then a photographer. My first son was so chill about my having to do the dirty deed of cleaning his nose. My second son is now 12 months and has been like trying to wrestle a mini MMA fighter to get his nose cleaned since he was 6 months! Those little bulb syringes never seemed to work well and with a thrashing around baby fighting back it made it impossible. Unfortunately, both my boys ended up with my allergies so I knew I needed something to make both of our lives easier. I could never get over the idea of sucking through the nose Frieda haha, so I went on the search and am ecstatic out how these electric nose aspirators work! While he does still fight me, I now only need a second or two of nose contact to help my little guy breathe better. I do have saline drops I have used in the past for his nose but most of the time I just plan to do it right after bath if he has been stuffy. All the splashing usually makes it a really easy process right after he gets out.

baby aspirator

~3. Boogie Wipes

I found out about these from my mom when my brother's were little and we have always had these around ever since. Whether it be pollen season or little ones with a cold, these are so much more effective at cleaning up a nose than a tissue. Not only that, but as my oldest son can attest, it has a more gentle touch compared to tissues on a sore and hurting nose. Heck, even I use them at times! They do a great job of cleaning up the entire face of a little one, too! I keep them at home, in my diaper bag, and in the studio since you never know when a little one might need a wipe.

boogie wipes

~4. Lulla-Vibe

As a newborn photographer, I have been using vibrations to soothe babies for years. With my first son, he hated his car seat so much that unless he had some kind of vibration, it would be tears for both of us. And no, the vibrations from driving weren't enough. I used the Lulla-Vibe in studio for years and it's proven itself in its ability to lull babies into that peaceful sleep. I have since moved onto something specifically made for photographers, but I have had so many babies go from angry to relaxed once the feel the calming vibrations.


~5. The Windi and Mylicon Drops

So technically this is a two parter but I have used both of these and they go along with the real problem at hand. Tummy pains from gas. Both my boys had reflux with my littlest one having silent reflux. I would have lost my mind seeing my little ones in pain if it wasn't for these products. I'll admit, the Windi I was apprehensive about using. Is it totally weird and odd to use, yes. Does it work? Also yes! When my youngest was first born I always had these in my diaper bag just incase those tummy pains hit hard. I preferred to use the gas drops like Mylicon but every once in a while my poor baby needed immediate relief. Mylicon drops (gas drops) for my first son were and absolute must have. He had the worst gas pains if we didn't use these every day after he was first born. My husband and I were so curious to how they worked. So one day we took a bottle we made with formula and after mixing it up we of course got all those bubbles that was our little guys nemesis. After adding in just a little bit of the drops and giving it the smallest of swirls, all the bubbles started to quickly disappear! Now of course, do your due diligence and talk to your doctor about products to be used and when it's safe to use them but I couldn't leave this out of one my products on this list. I have been known to keep both of these in the studio as well just incase parents need them for their little one. At their discretion of course. ;)

Frida Baby Windi


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