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Newborns and How Their Sleep Affect Your Newborn Photography Session

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

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As a newborn, sleep is an essential part of your daily routine. Newborns often sleep for about 16-17 h

ours a day, however, they do not stay asleep for long periods of time. They tend to sleep in shorter cycles of around 2-3 hours, waking up for feeding and changing before dozing off again. But this is definitely not the case for all newborns!

While it may seem like newborns sleep a lot, they do not have a set sleep schedule. They will often sleep at different times during the day and night, depending on their hunger and needs. This can be a challenge for new parents as it can be difficult to establish a routine. This can mean that after a nice sleepy car ride to the studio for your session that your newborn may be awake for some time. But don't fret! As an experienced newborn photographer, I have had my share of wide awake little ones and while it may change my plans a bit, it won't stop us from capturing gorgeous images of your little one. Awake shots are actually some of my favorite images!

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It is important to create a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your newborn. This is why I strive so hard to have a calm, relaxing atmosphere in my studio to create the all sleepy vibes we can. It's even resulted in some parents and grandparents falling asleep during the session, haha. While occasionally I do encounter a little one that manages to stay awake the whole time, it's very rare. In most cases, your newborn will have a good awake period of time and then fall asleep which is when we can get those adorable sleepy posed images we all love.

baby girl smiling bear

During a newborn session, your little can be moved around more than they are used to. Between putting on outfits or changing to a new setup, they might be awoken temporarily in the process. Because of this, some little ones are in need of an extra bit of food here or there just to top them off. I mean, we so rudely interrupted their sleep and if they are awake it must be time to eat, right? Haha. I always give parents a heads up so they can be prepared for an extra nurse or bottle.

baby boy sleeping on little bed

Overall, whether your little one sleeps like a dream or is to busy keeping an eye on me to catch some zzz's, I will be sure that your final gallery is filled with memories that you can cherish for a lifetime at you newborn photography session!

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