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Newborn Photography Session with sibling

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

I get all ages of siblings in the studio and try my best to be prepared to lure even the smallest of siblings next to their brand new family member. These gorgeous girls were the epitome of beauty and sibling love. ❤

I mean come on! Look at that proud big sister smile. I usually try to get siblings in to two different setups depending on ages and willingness to patriciate, haha. If siblings are too young to hold their newest family member, I will then pose baby in a prop and have siblings next to them so we can still capture that sibling bond.

Mom told me when booking that they wanted to incorporate an army themed photo and when dad came in with all these goodies, I went to work setting it all up. It was the shot dad wanted the most and of course baby girl was not up for a nap until a good swaddle and walk about outside with daddy. But in the end, we got the shot! ❤ A huge thank you to her father for his service!! As a spouse of a military man I can't explain the level of baby fever this gives me thinking about having my own baby in such a setup. 😅

This precious girl was giving mommy her full attention with a cluster feeding frenzy so every pose in her gallery paid a toll of nurse time.😂

She wasn't not going to open her eyes without being super annoyed at us but right as mom laid her down I was able to grab this shot before she got mad. This shot was also the time that my flash would NOT fire for some reason. As try as I might to make sure everything goes smoothly sometimes these things happen. Luckily I was able to save the image! You'd never know how much she fought sleep based on this picture.

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