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Booking a Newborn Session...

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Newborn photography has been such a soul fulfilling journey for me. I have met so many amazing families, held so many precious bundles, and have successfully grown my prop hoard to a whole new level, haha.

But you may have found yourself wondering... what does booking with Baby Steps entail and what exactly happens at a newborn session? Well, allow me elaborate.

Long before your session date is here, the planning starts. All inquiries are given a questionnaire to help me custom tailor your session to your likes, wants, and preferences. I always love the unique touch special requests can bring to a session so please let me know if there is anything that is a little extra.

Once I have answered any questions you may have and if you decide that I'm the right photographer for you, your deposit invoice as well as the contract can be filled out right from your phone for easy booking. After you are booked I start my process of planning out an extensive workflow for your session along with procuring any items/props we may need to make your session prefect! All sessions have a main plan and a backup plan incase baby is not feeling the sleepy vibes.

As soon as I hear you pull up, I start off with giving my hands a thorough washing as soon as you arrive. I always take care to be sanitary while setting up but always like that extra wash before holding littles.❤

Once you are all settled in, I pull out all my baby whispering skills and get to work posing that perfect little bundle of yours while you relax in my sitting area that gives you a full view of the action. Depending on the package you select it can be a bit of a stay so I have wifi and light refreshments on hand for you during your session. You are welcome to bring snacks!

If your package is with siblings or parents, I like to start with those poses when possible so everyone can relax the rest of the shoot. I try my hardest to make it a smooth and easy process for parents so you can relax while I do my thing. It is quite common for little ones to need an extra feeding or top off during the session.

I hear a lot of mom's worry about things like what if my baby is fussy? It's a long trip, what if I forget something? What if my baby just won't pose?? All babies at times get fussy and it is something I fully expect and am prepared for! If baby is not settling after my best attempts to relax them I will call in reinforcement from mom or dad. Once baby is settled again we give it another go. My patience will rule the day, haha. I have also on hand extra diapers, wipes, pacifiers, Mylicon drops with individually wrapped syringes, and even some personal items every new mom might need. I have some clients come from over 2 hours away and try my best to have everything we need on hand. Oh, and don't worry! While not every baby can do every pose, every baby can pose. In ALL of my sessions, baby is boss. I'm just following their lead and capturing their natural cuteness along the way.😉

On vary rare occasions, I have had babies comes in with tummy troubles or something else that just keeps them from settling. In the event of this and we have tried all of our options, this does NOT mean that you are out of luck. I am determined to get you those stunning precious moments and if that means round 2, ding ding! Like I said, it is extremely rare and is usually cause by other factors out of our control but if I should arise a reschedule is an option.

Worried your little one won't sleep? Babies that are wide awake throughout their session (yes it does happen🤪😂) can be a bit more lengthy of a session but we can definitely still fill that gallery with precious cuteness. I have gotten some of the cutest eye contact from my sleepless bubs that just make your ovaries scream lol.

Every baby is so different and every session is like an treasure hunt that involves puzzle solving your bundles sleepy triggers.

Once the session is over, you are welcome to take your time to feed your little one before making the journey home. Chances are I have left a cyclone of a mess in the studio that I will be cleaning up after so no need to rush!

Within the week following your session you will receive your proofing gallery(see what a proofing gallery is in FAQ) to select which images you want to come with you package. Editing time may take up to 3 weeks from the day you notify me of your final selection. Your final gallery will remain live for 30 days and will also include a print release so you can print your photos anywhere. The email containing your final edited images will also have recommendations on where I would go to print.

And that's it! I hope this has been insightful in getting to know my process and helps ease some anxiety over a new experience. If you ever have any questions, I'm only an email away. Thanks for reading!

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