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Micah's turning 1!

Long before little Micah was born I photographed his big sister's cake smash. So come to find out she does NOT like cake. Taste, feel, nada. Fast forward to brother's 1st birthday party. I get a text from mom letting me know that despite her and her husband both liking cake, neither of their kids like it, haha! Needless to say we skipped the cake and I love our results!

I am always amazed by the interaction kids can have with you while only being able to hear your voice and see your eyes. Micah was full of smiles during out shoot. Don't let his adorable smile fool you though, he was absolutely trying to crawl off the set as I was taking this shot, lol.

These little stacking cups have been one of my favorite recent adds to the studios prop closet. It's simple and the babies have been obsessed with them.

Mom wanted a simple set that was all about baby and I LOVE how it turned out.

Look at that toothy smile!!! Gah!

Watch out 1! Micah has arrived!!

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