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Newborn Sessions in Gator country | Gainesville, FL

In this neck of Florida, I get lots of requests for football themed shots. No surprise being so close to the home of the Gators! My family cheers for them every year and I was more than happy to oblige in making these images happen. First time I got to use a football helmet for posing, this sweetheart's daddy was able to bring it along and boy was I sad to see it go. It was so dang cute! I knew I had to hunt one down to use in the future.

Fast forward and I struggled to find one in budget that was still big enough to hold little one. I spent a lot of time scouring the internet for anything I thought would work. The first one I received ended up being WAY to small so back it went. But on the second try I found something that while it may not be as amazing as the one dad brought that first time, it fit babies like a glove and there was no looking back for this photographer.

I have since used this adorable prop many times to show off mommy's and daddy's love of our local team! Some babies fit in it better than others but so far I haven't had one fit. Some are just more strategically placed in it, haha!

While this one might be my favorite way to go, the possibilities to show off that team spirit. Take a look at how my most recent football themed shot turned out!🐊

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